• Comedy

Breaking Up in Rome

Un film di Edoardo Leo con Edoardo Leo, Marta Nieto, Claudia Gerini, Stefano Fresi, Lorenzo Aloi, Esther Ortega, Gabriele Di Martino

Tommaso, under the pseudonym of Marquez, writes the answers of the “Agony Aunt” column of a bad magazine. He has never revealed it to his busy partner Zoe. One day, among the several broken hearts mails, he got one from a girl asking for advice on how to break ...

  • Comedy

Lockdown Italian Style

Un film di Enrico Vanzina con Ezio Greggio, Ricky Memphis, Paola Minaccioni, Martina Stella, Maria Luisa Jacobelli, Romina Pierdomenico, Riccardo Rossi, Harmail Kumar

Two couples, from different social classes, are both in the edge of breaking up, but will be both forced to keep living under the same roof, due to the lockdown. Although confined in their own apartments, the stories of these two couples will unexpectedly intertwine.
A pure “Italian ...

  • Documentary


Un film di Gianluca Cerasola con Luca Parmitano, Andrew Morgan, Alexander Skvortsov, Jovanotti, Giancarlo Giannini

STARMAN is the first film to tell the international excellence of the astronaut Luca Parmitano, the 3° european to take command of the International Space Station during his long mission (20 July 2019-February 2020). An exclusive for Morol with NASA-ESA, 50 years after the moon landing. Luca Parmitano is the protagonist (with A. ...

  • Comedy

7 hours to win your heart

Un film di Giampaolo Morelli con Giampaolo Morelli, Serena Rossi, Diana Del Bufalo, Massimiliano Gallo

Valeria (Serena Rossi), an attractive woman with a strong character but disenchanted by love, is a relentless teacher of pick up for single men to whom she teaches the art of seduction, convinced that relationships are based on simple biological stimuli. Giulio (Giampaolo Morelli) is an economics journalist, a ...

  • News

“Everything’s gonna be alright” set for German remake!

Vision Distribution has sold the rights to DCM Film International for a German-language remake of the Italian dramedy “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” directed by Francesco Bruni. Kim Rossi Stuart (“Crime Novel”, “Angel of Evil”) plays the lead role and the movie  is produced by Palomar in collaboration with Vision Distribution.