What is a cookie?

Cookies are short text files that are downloaded on your device when you visit a website. Each time you visit the website, the cookies are sent back to the website that originated them (first party cookies) or to another website that recognizes them (third party cookies). Cookies are useful because they allow the website to recognize your device. They have different purposes, such as helping you navigate the pages efficiently, remember you favourite websites, and, in general, improve the navigation experience. They also ensure that the advertising content viewed online is more targeted on your preferences and interests. Based on their function and purpose, cookies can be divided into technical cookies, profiling cookies and third-party cookies. Technical cookies: their uses does not entail your consent. These cookies are essential to navigate a website and use all of its functions. Without these absolutely-necessary cookies, a website wouldn’t be able to offer certain services or functions, and its navigation wouldn’t be as easy and user-friendly as it should be. In addition, this type of cookie is used to store your decisions on cookie use on the website. This category also includes the performance cookies, sometimes also referred to as analytics cookies. These cookies gather information on your website use, to improve its operation. For instance, performance cookies show the most visited pages and the website recurrent usage patterns, help understand the difficulties encountered when using the website, and show the effectiveness of the ads posted on the website. Technical cookies are essential and cannot be disabled using the functions in this website. In general, cookies can be completely disabled in your browser at any time.


Profiling cookies

Inside its website, apart from using technical cookies, Vision Distribution also uses profiling cookies. We use these cookies to remember users’ choices on the website and/or the services expressly requested, for the purpose of supplying more advanced and customized services. The use of those cookies requires your prior informed consent. Consent is acquired via a banner displayed to users on their first visit to one of Vision Distribution websites, pursuant to the provisions of the Data Protection Officer (n. 229 of 8 May 2014). Such consent may be revoked at any time, by flagging the related check box. The refusal to give your consent to the use of profiling cookies does not interfere with the possibility of accessing the website, except for the impossibility to access the functions or contents that use those cookies. If the profiling cookies are enabled, use the following commands to disable them.


Third-party cookies

Vision Distribution may use cookies from different websites or web servers (i.e. “third-party” cookies): this happens because there may be elements on the website, such as images, maps, sounds, specific links to web pages of other domains hosted on different servers than the one where the page is located. In other words, such cookies are set directly from the providers of websites or servers other than Vision Distribution websites. Third-party cookies are used also to customize the ad displayed, based on the user interest and on the frequency of exposure to the message. This information can be shared with other actors, such as advertisers, which may use their cookies to gather information on the activities carried out by the users on the website. Advertisers may use this information also to measure the effectiveness of their ads. The use of those cookies requires your prior informed consent. These cookies are not controlled directly by Vision Distribution website; to withdraw your consent, refer to the third-party websites, or to the following websites:





How to disable the cookies from the user browser

You can manage the cookies also through the browser settings. At any time, you can accept or refuse the cookies or decide to set a warning message before accepting a cookie from the visited websites. The procedures to manage the cookies differ, based on the browser used; find out how to manage the settings on the related guide section. Changing the settings will affect only that browser and/or PC; in order to align that behaviour and other devices, you need to repeat this operation on every browser and/or device. If you disable certain cookies, the Website may not be able to provide the relevant services. Data Controller is Vision Distribution S.p.A., based in Via Monte Penice 7, 20138, Milan. As Data Subject, you can exercise certain rights, pursuant to Art. 15 – Art. 22 of the European Regulation n. 2016/679 (GDPR) and, more precisely:

1. obtain confirmation of the existence of personal data concerning you, even if not yet registered, in a summarized, transparent, intelligible and easily accessible way, and with a simple and clear language;

2. indication:

a. of the origin of your personal data;

b. of the processing purposes and methods;

c. of the legitimate interests pursued by the Data Controller of by third parties;

e. of the Data Controller’s intention of transferring your personal data to another country or international organization;

f. of the personal data retaining period;

g. of the logic applied, and of the importance and consequences of such treatment for the Data Subject, in case of processing with the aid of electronic tools within an automatic collection and/or profiling process;

h. of the Data Controller, Data Processors, appointed Representative and Data Protection Officer’s (DPO) identification details;

i. of the recipients and recipient categories to which your personal data may be disclosed to, or who may be made aware of, as appointed representative in the national territory;

3. the possibility to lodge a complaint with the relevant Supervisory Authority;

4. update, amend, or, if applicable, integrate your personal data;

5. cancelling, making anonymous or blocking your data when processed while breaching the law, including those that need not be retained for the purposes for which they have been collected or processed;

6. limiting their processing;

7. transferring your personal data to another Data Controller;

8. withdrawing the processing;

9. opposing, in whole or in part, for legitimate reasons, to processing of your personal data, even if pertinent to the collection purpose.

In order to exercise the rights outlined above, you, as Data Subject, may contact Vision Distribution S.p.A. at any time, by sending an email to: info@visiondistribution.it (and including “PRIVACY” in the subject line), or via regular mail, at the Company’s operational headquarters located in Piazza Repubblica, 59 –  00185 Roma, and indicating the following wording on the envelope: “PRIVACY”. This Cookie Policy may be subject to amendments, following any relevant applicable regulations, updates and/or provisions of new services, or new technological innovations. Vision Distribution will promptly and appropriately inform its users on any news and/or modifications.

In any case, Vision Distribution invites all users/visitors to periodically consult this page.